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The Specialists Group’s 60th anniversary is September 1st. The company was founded in 1957 by Jay McManus and Jerry Holland as a consulting firm aimed at the booming oil and gas industry in Kansas. As they reached out to small and medium sized companies it became evident that there was a need for recruiting and staffing in Wichita. At that time Boeing employed several thousand people, paying higher wages than other smaller organizations could afford. It was an ideal situation for the company, then known as Business Specialists, to assist clients in attracting individuals to consider employers outside of the aircraft, agriculture, manufacturing and other industries. With plans for national expansion, the name was changed to The Specialists Group and Kirk Pytlinski and Brian Campbell became partners. Pytlinski as President, has been with the firm for 43 years and Campbell, as Chief Financial Officer, 36 years. Jim Money joined the company in 1973 and was named Executive Vice President. Bim Heineman, General Manager in Wichita, Joan Rapp, Gregg Foss, Darren Bean, Heather Wallace, John Coffman, and Michael SanRomani are also members of the management team. With offices in Wichita, San Francisco, Denver, and Houston, there are plans for further expansion to add more organizations to our roster of clients. We want to sincerely thank our loyal clients and applicants alike for their continued support of our success.

Promoting the Wrong Person

There will come a time when the economic slowdown will be an experience of the past. According to the usual cycles, it may become necessary to rebuild staffing and realign duties. One mistake should not be made, don’t put someone in a supervisory role just because they’ve been with you a long time and stuck it out through a difficult period. Move slowly when making decisions about promotions. Seniority should not be the only factor to be considered. Many people, who are exceptional employees in their present role, often may not be capable of managing the workflow of others. Creating this awkward situation can be unfair to the individual, setting them up for failure and be ultimately very damaging to the organization.

This newsletter includes a number of exceptional candidates for regular employment as well as some available for temporary assignments or contract work, and those who would eagerly consider "Temp-to-Hire."  We welcome the opportunity to make referrals of individuals who have been prescreened by our staff, simplifying your selection process.

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Newsletters and Candidate Bios for September 2017:

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